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American Travel is back! Road trips, plane trips, short destinations and long drives across the country, people are escaping their familiar surroundings and getting back on the road and in the air again.

In today’s environment, Americans need to unite, turn the tide of division, and explore our country, its fabulous qualities and welcoming citizens. 

Up and Away Trips invites you to travel the great diversity of the United States for renewal and relaxation! See amazing places, enjoy beautiful scenery, try new undertakings, savor regional cuisine and make new friends as you find a group to travel with.

Adventure awaits!

Coast-to-Coast and TV Hosts

It is a well-known fact that Americans take great pleasure in visiting their own country.  From coast to coast the immense diversity in countryside, beaches, lakes, rivers and foliage, mountains, plains, historical sites, major cities, small town charm, activities, entertainment, arts and architecture, and excursions, draws the pioneer spirit to explore.

According to “the majority of Americans travel in… America – California, Texas, Florida and New York are most popular, in that order.” I’m sure Hawaii is pretty high on the list as well.

From San Diego to Austin, Miami Beach to New York City, the variety is quite remarkable. After traveling to many places in the states, I am not surprised that Americans vacation right here in the US.  And I might add, not having to learn a new language or use different currency is quite convenient.

Beyond the hotspots mentioned, it is exciting to discover new gems you may not have considered. 

In today’s tv and social media world, not just the popular places are being visited, but locations such as Laurel MS and Wetumpke AL, idyllic, reconstructed small towns thanks to the show HomeTown starring Ben and Erin Napier have found their way onto people’s destination lists.  As the couple refashions and revives unappealing (though once beautiful) old towns and surrounding areas, American citizens have fallen in love with the couple’s mission. 

Other tv personalities from the food channels such as Guy Fieri, Casey Webb and others have influenced our desire to visit new sites and try delicious foods from atypical and extraordinary restaurants.

Now, we all won’t end up with such high-level impact on a large scale, but friends, and friends of friends sharing must see, less familiar places online through pictures (as they speak a thousand words) will spark interest in American explorers.


New places offer some wonderful activities for you to take advantage of that are only available at specific locations such as famous sight-seeing spots and sporty undertakings. Whether visiting the White House, Mount Rushmore, the Colorado River, exploration and newness not only takes your mind off the routine of daily living but helps bring satisfaction to that longing for new experiences.

American Travel Buddies

Meeting new people from other states (and often other countries) adds to the pleasure of travel. Sometimes these new people become life-long friends or budding romances.  Expanding your horizons and at the same time meeting new people can satisfy your soul for quite a long time. This is why people spend weeks and even months planning their next vacation!

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Lesser-Known Gems


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